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We certainly are an emotional bunch about our pets

I just saw in a pet related marketing magazine the true
power of emotion in your marketing.

American Demographics has just reported that shoppers with
an emotional tie to a store visit the store 24% more and
spend 46% more than those without the emotional attachment.

Look at what this means to your business.

Let’s assume that a business has clients that visit (or buy
online or by mail) once a month and spend (on average) $65.

The simple technique of using emotional attachments in their
marketing and promotions makes a dramatic difference!

Here’s what happens…

After they tie in some emotion into their marketing and
customer satisfaction systems they would see those same
clients would visit the store 15 times in a year (versus 12)
and would spend on average $95.

Before: 12 x $65 = $780 in a year
After: 15 x $95 = $1,470 in that same year!

Almost double the sales – just with giving your customers an
emotional reason to like you.

Simple, yet profound.  What emotions do your customers feel
when they use your products and services?  What should they
be feeling? What can you do to make them feel that more?

Now get on it! This simple little technique can easily
double your sales this year.

Maybe worth a try you think?

Here’s to your success!


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