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I’m why my dog needs therapy (maybe my kids too)

He does.

I’m sure of it.

All 100% to blame here.

weird dog

He doesn’t look for sticks… he looks for airplanes!

I’ve worked from home for 12 years, and my dog Casino is 5.  So all he’s known is this odd guy that’s almost always around – never goes out to a job like most do – and talks to himself more than what’s normal.

He smells me coming home from a workout at 10 in the morning, when most are on their coffee break.  The small ain’t hard to notice 😉

He sees me the odd afternoon stretched out on the couch napping.  More often than not with a keyboard in front of me, writing something.

The last couple years, if you’ve been following my story, have involved a bit of moving around with me and the hound.

His only saving grace is that I love to go out for fast 30 minute walks daily.  Most days, twice a day.

That keeps him, somewhat, sane.

Questionable sanity… as you’ll see reasons on why, next.

You can see in this rather unusual video my budding movie-makers (aka – my daughters) put together the other night…

I’m very proud of my daughters with the tenacity they’ve shown in their video creation!

They are getting into the editing of video more and more – and they are creating some AWESOME videos!

This one is a little make-fun-of-Troy style… more than I am used to, but I can take it! My daughters (and their friend) had a blast making fun of my ‘quirks’ and I love sharing it with you!

About 6 or 7 years ago, I let my daughters give me a makeover one Saturday afternoon and gladly shared the picture-proof with my newsletter readers… makeup, and barrettes in their glittery glory.

Being the marketing geek I am, I turned it into a Marketing ‘Makeover’ promotion, of course (never waste a good opportunity to be more personal with your clients and prospects!).

But this ADD-meets-marketer-meets-addictive-personality thing causes issues.

With my dogs.

With my kids.

With me.

Luckily, my kids are GREAT kids and excelling in school… so it can’t be that bad.

Me and the dog, I can deal with.

Still think the dog needs therapy – the kids are good for now.

Me… the jury is out.

All I know is that I am proud of my girls and the 175 or so videos they’ve done.

It’s taught them: trial and error, some humility, some persistence, the power of self-education, and the pursuit of a big-picture dream (they want to develop a highly successful Youtube channel – and they are DEFINITELY doing the right things, as we speak!).

Entrepreneurs are an odd bunch.

I’m proud to be one.

I’m proud to be raising some.

And I get why we seem so off-the-wall.

It’s not the lifestyle for everyone… but it is the lifestyle for a unique type of person….

…Maybe you?

Warning: it may cause you to need therapy too.

Wine therapy.

Beer therapy.

Peer therapy.

Speaking of which…

…are you in need of some marketing therapy?

FREEEEE marketing therapy (if you qualify).

I am offering 5 no-cost-no-obligation marketing consultations this week.

45 minutes – you and I on the phone talking about your business – and how to make the last 27 days of 2013 – and the 365 days of 2014 your most INCREDIBLE ones yet!

If you have an existing business that generates revenue now…

…are actively doing things to build that business (I don’t believe in the wishing and praying theory of business building)

…and KNOW you should be doing better than you are in your business…


Tell me about you – and your business.

The more details the better.

I will get back to you and let you know if you and I working together on a free 45 minute coaching call is a good idea, or not.

And we’ll take it from there.


Talk soon.


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