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ADMISSION: I’ve been an animal freak my entire life.

I wanted to be a veterinarian up until my teens (about then, I thought rock star or millionaire beach bum sounded better, so I switched paths :).

I nursed many a sick cat back from the brink.

Mindy was hit by a car and had a real bad buggered up leg.

My family rarely went to the vet for our cats, we didn’t believe in all the shots, so I ended up nursing cat fight wounds, this time a nasty leg wound.

I tended to her night and day with food, water, and wound care.

Doctor Troy did his job, Mindy made a full recovery, and all were happy.

… At least until the next cat fight.

I always took great pride in my tough cats. They were outdoor cats, so they got into scraps all the time.

I trained my cats to fight as a hobby.

Nothing pit bull fighting training like.

I’d just play withe the cats, pretend fighting with them, and I was always more than willing to take a scratch or ten in the process.

Having arms shredded with claw wounds was a common thing with me.

Puff (named after Puff the Magic Dragon), was probably the toughest cat I ever had (and trained 🙂

He didn’t seem to lose many fights.

Dished out a lot of ass-whooping though…

…from what I could tell, from what I saw, and from the abundance of fur (not his colour fur) I would find strewn about the front lawn in the mornings.

About 7 years ago my neighbour called me in a panic. Her cat had gotten into a doozy of a scrap.

I went over there and this hyperactive-insane-furball-of-a-cat was beaten to a pulp with scratches. At first I thought the cat had blood all over it from another cat.

So I got the tub going to wash some blood off, and realized that Cleo the cat was scratched from head to toe.

Feisty little thing!

But I got it cleaned up, it took off like a bat out of hell, and went on to heal up, then impregnate the kitten-not-yet-fixed of ours up, then disappear like a deadbeat dad would.

Little bugger.

5 Kittens later… and not an ounce of child support from mr Cleo.

Animals are awesome – they completely take over and dominate our lives.

But we love them for it!

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